Bethany Wiggins


Will you ever write SHIFTING 2?
The answer is . . . maybe. I won’t say no. I actually wrote it years ago, right after I wrote SHIFTING 1, but then when I got a publisher I changed SHIFTING 1 up a bit so part one and two don’t quite mesh. But you never know maybe one day I’ll fix SHIFTING 2.
When will STUNG be a movie?
Well, I honestly have no say in this. If I knew a movie producer and could get him to read the book, the chances of it becoming a movie would go up drastically. So for now, it is just going to be a book. But thanks for liking it so well that you want it to be a movie!
When is STUNG 3 coming out?
I wrote CURED (STUNG 2) in a way that wraps the series up. That is the end of the series . . . probably.
Are your books available outside the United States?
They are available in all English speaking countries. (UK, AU, CA, NZ, USA.)
I want to be a writer. Can I send you samples of my writing or send you my ideas?
No, I am not able to read others’ writing or give advise on ideas. Please do not send them–you won’t get a response.
Can you come do a signing in my city or visit my school?
Sadly, I cannot. Travel is really expensive, and I have five kids (yes, five) so it is really hard for me to travel. I am sorry! BUT . . .

I am able to do Skype or FaceTime school visits. I do not have a lot of openings, as I have scheduled some already, but if you are interested in a visit via Skype or FaceTime, have your teacher contact me by sending me a message on the Contact page of this website.